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XY FILTRATION is located in the “Chinese stainless steel town” - Dainan town Xinghua city. The factory specializing in the production of Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen,Filter Nozzle for Water Treatment,Wedge Wire Sieve Plate Screen,Stainless Steel Hub Lateral Screen,Stainless Steel Resin Trap for Water Treatment and other supporting activities. Our strong technical force, exquisite workmanship, with the quality of the whole (can be reversed around, anti roll sieve tube, etc.), specifications, quality, excellent service business characteristics.

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Name: Jason Liu

Tel: +86-13815915603

Mobile: +86-13815915603

E-mail: 13815915603@163.com

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Add: Industrial Park, Dainan Town, Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province