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  • Header Hub Lateral
Header Hub Lateral

Header Hub Lateral

Lateral systems may have multiple tiers of wedge wire screen laterals.

Header lateral systems are available for larger diameter filters. Wedge wire screen laterals make excellent collectors.  A perforated pipe distributor can be added to improve back-wash distribution and increase strength.

Wedge Wire screen cylinders can be designed with slot openings and wires running radially onthe outside for flow from outside to inside. Or they can be positioned axially on the inside of the cylinder  for flow from inside to outside.

 Economical wedge wire screen nozzles can be used as collectors in false bottom (tube sheet) vessel installations.

Features of Backwashing Filter Bottom Distributor 304 Screen Nozzle

profile, wedge shape. rod .
2.strong welding.
3.everage slot sizes.
4.perfect roundness .

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