Precautions when using filter cartridge

 Before using the stainless steel filter element, it is necessary to check whether the accessories and sealing rings are complete and damaged, and then install them as required. The new filter must be cleaned with detergent (please do not use acid cleaning). After cleaning, the filter which is sterilized, disinfected and cleaned with high temperature steam shall be placed properly to avoid pollution. When installing the filter, the inlet and outlet shall not be connected reversely. The outlet on the bottom plate of the pipeline filter is the liquid inlet, and the pipe connected to the filter element socket is the clean liquid outlet. The new filter element is sealed by the manufacturer in a clean production plant with plastic bags. Do not tear the plastic packaging before use. The filter element with higher requirements shall be sterilized by high temperature steam after installation.

When the filter element is inserted into the port, the filter element must be vertical. After the insertion port, the pressing plate fastens the fin and the screw can not be moved. After the filter element inlet of 226 interface, it should be rotated 90 degrees to clamp, which is the key in the installation. If there is a little carelessness, it will not reach the sealing, easy to leak water, and it will not meet the use requirements.

The pressure gauge of the cylinder is a liquid pressure display gauge. If it is a secondary filter, * it is a normal phenomenon that the pressure gauge index of the filter is a little less. The longer the service time is, the pressure will increase and the flow rate will decrease, which means that most of the gaps in the filter element have been blocked, so it is necessary to wash or replace a new filter core. When filtering, the pressure used is generally about 0.1MPa, which can meet the production needs. With the increase of time and flow, the micropore of filter element is blocked, and the pressure increases, generally not more than 0.4MPa, and the Zui height cannot exceed 0.6MPa. Otherwise, the filter element will be damaged or broken down. Special attention should be paid when using precision filter.

The filter element must be backwashed with sterile water, otherwise it will pollute the filter element. Backflushing method: change the original outlet to the inlet, pump sterile water in the opposite direction (pay attention to closing the original liquid filter pipe), open the drain outlet, and the operator should see that the filtrate is obviously improved.

When it is not used after production, the filtrate shall be let out as much as possible. The shutdown time is not long. Generally, do not turn on the machine, do not pull out the filter element, the shutdown time is long, or the filtrate should not be stored overnight. The filter element and filter must be cleaned (or the backwash method can be used) when shutdown. For optional matching use, pay attention to matching the required flow, pressure and pump head. Generally, vortex pump and infusion pump are suitable for selection, while centrifugal pump is not applicable. The maintenance method of filter equipment is not used for a long time. The filter must be cleaned, the filter element pulled out, cleaned and dried, sealed with plastic bags for storage without pollution, wiped and stored without damage. The replaced filter element shall be immersed in acid-base washing solution for not more than 24 hours, and the temperature of acid-base solution is generally 25 ℃ - 50 ℃. It is suggested that the ratio of acid or alkali to water is 10-20%. The filtrate with high protein content and filter element Zui are easy to be soaked in enzyme solution, with good cleaning effect. They should be renewed and reused. They must be cleaned and sterilized with steam. Cleaning and disinfection is very important for water filter and dry filter. Pay attention to the time and temperature of filter element disinfection. 121 ℃ is suitable for polypropylene in high temperature disinfection cabinet, 130 ℃ / 20 minutes is suitable for steam sterilization under 0.1MPa steam pressure, and 142 ℃ and 0.2MPa can be achieved for polysulfone and polytetrafluoroethylene steam sterilization. The time is about 30 minutes. If the temperature is too high, the time is too long, and the pressure is too large, the filter element will be damaged.

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